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University of Birmingham

At the University of Birmingham our research leads to new inventions and fuels innovation and business growth. We produce 6,000 talented and highly employable graduates every year. We play an integral role in the economic, social, and cultural growth of our nation and our region. We generate over £1 billion of regional economic activity each year and support nearly 12,000 jobs.

We’re constantly making exciting breakthroughs - in medicine and engineering, energy and social science - and then making them available to the people who will benefit most. Some of the mechanisms that we use to support businesses and entrepreneurs include access to our intellectual property, Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTPs), a Business Club for SMEs, and free incubation space at Birmingham Research Park.

We know that the financial cost of generating the new ideas, technologies and processes to competitive advantage can be high. The University of Birmingham can help you in a variety of ways including:

  • Contract research
  • Licensing intellectual property
  • Collaborative projects and partnership
  • Consultancy with leading academics in their field.
  • Accelerating Business-Knowledge Base Innovation Activity (ABIA)
  • Access to state-of-the-art equipment, testing and analysis
  • Business accommodation
  • Funding opportunities
  • Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTP)
  • Recruiting University of Birmingham students to work for you

Alta Innovations, the technology transfer organisation of the University works with businesses to licence intellectual property and bring the inventions of the University’s academics to market. The University has a significant portfolio of medical, biomedical, engineering and environmental patents which are available for licensing.

Whether you are a large corporate organisation or a small business, and whether you require a short term solution or have a long term project in mind, you can tap into the world-class expertise at the University of Birmingham.

We have an excellent team of enthusiastic Business Engagement Partners waiting to learn more about the challenges you are facing.